It was about time that Valentino Khan and Diplo join forces — and today is the day!

“JustYourSoul” just dropped, pumping out a perfect blend of each master producer’s distinct style. Each with their own vast soundscapes, they really could have gone anywhere with their collab. They settled on a smooth, tasteful groove that begs, “baby, just your soul.” That’s not so much to ask.

Khan recalls how the track came to be: “So and I were hanging out in Bali together and I got food poisoning so I barely remember making this song with him but we magically made some very sexy house music for the summer. Vibe out to this one.”

With the release of “JustYourSoul,” Khan is ready to peel back the next layer of his forthcoming 6-track House Party EP. Get ready for more where this came from.

“JustYourSoul” is out now via Mad Decent. Listen below and catch the vibe.

Valentino Khan & Diplo – “JustYourSoul”


Photo: Terry Beeman (Lollapalooza, FR)