Marshmello and Alison Wonderland were both competing at the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am yesterday when Mello’s security apparently shoved Alison unnecessarily — at least, according to her.

The two got into a back and forth on Twitter last night after the tournament. Alison, to her credit, was relatively nonplussed about the ordeal, eventually tweeting, “It wasn’t an actually a big deal, shit happens I was laughing about it.” Her issue, in particular, seemed to be with Marshmello calling her a liar.

Marshmello didn’t find the situation funny, however, as he considers Alison a “good friend.” And, had he actually seen something like that go down, he says he would have put a stop to it immediately.

Ultimately, the situation fizzled and we believe both artists have made up in the DMs. No harm, no foul!

Alison began in a now deleted tweet, “Lmfao marshmello bodyguard just pushed me out of the way.”


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