Two days ago, Flume dropped a bomb on his fans, announcing a new collaborative EP with Reo Cragun out in just two days’ time, today, July 31. Well now, the Quits EP is officially here and it’s simply beautiful.

Flume has a stunning ability to create wildly inventive sound design porn for producers with easily accessible melodies that any casual listener can enjoy. This EP is a perfect example of that intersection, especially with the title track, “Quits.”

The Australian producer/DJ spoke to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 about the EP: “This EP is us as a friendship, hanging out, just making tracks, having too many good songs and we’re like, ‘We need to get these out into the world.’ So we were like, ‘Let’s just do an EP.’ So we put them all together, and there you have it. The Quits EP.”

Reo Cragun will be joining Flume on “pretty much all the dates,” so prepare to hear all these tracks in glorious live quality. Listen to the new Quits EP below.