Martin Garrix has had many massive collaborations at this point in his career, but they’ve all been basically within the same realm. As of yet, he hasn’t particularly branched out beyond house/electro and indie. But, what would happen if he were to collaborate with someone like… Skrillex?

There’s nothing confirmed on the horizon, but Garrix himself remarked at how interesting it would be if the two got into the studio together.

While during a session with fans in Japan, he said, “I’ve known Skrillex for many many years. Because we’re doing so many different styles of tracks, I think it’ll be really interesting if we get in the studio bouncing back and forth with the ideas. I’ve no idea what we will make and that’s what excites me.”

It excites us too!

These sorts of wish list collaborations are typically a dime a dozen, but where Garrix and Skrillex are concerned, it’s not too far fetched to really happen.


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