Tomorrowland’s two weekends came and went this year, with so many incredible acts… and a few disappointments. But for the hundreds of thousands who descended upon Boom, Belgium the past two weekends, it will likely be a grand time to remember.

That being said, not everyone came with the ideals of PLUR in mind. Many were found trying to deal drugs at the festival, tens were caught trying to sneak in, and three instances of sexual assault and one rape attempt were reported across both weekends.

The numbers were reported by Het Nieuwsblad, and summarized by Brussel Times:

  • Sixty-one dealers and a total of 460 drug users were caught. Users were given an on the spot fine of 75 euros for soft drugs, 150 euros for hard drugs.
  • Fifty-five of the dealers received summonses for one of the specialized court sessions in October, November and December.
  • Six dealers were arrested and brought before an investigating judge.
  • Two thousand five hundred and ten ecstasy pills were confiscated, as were 638 fake pills, 115 grams of fake powder, 427 grams of cocaine, 848 grams of MDMA, 25 grams of cannabis, 46 grams of hash, 411 grams of ketamine, 57 millilitres of GHB, 135 speed pills and 50 doses of LSD.
  • Eighty visitors were detained by the authorities: 66 climbers trying to get in, nine who were publicly drunk and five people causing a nuisance.
  • Three hundred mobile phones were reported stolen.
  • Three sexual assault reports were made and one rape attempt across both weekends.

Numbers this year were comparable to the past two years, though showed a notable decrease in the number of thefts.

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