Skrillex and TroyBoi’s mega-collab “Malokera” with MC Lan, Ty Dolla $ign, and Ludmilla is officially out today. The track carries heavy Brazilian influences from all parties, from the vocalists to the production. As such, many Skrillex fans are likely to walk away after listening the first time and putting it away in their vault for safekeeping.

The 3-minute track hits with a particularly deep bassline and high energy vocals, but the rhythm is reminiscent more of a slow dancehall than any kind of dance music that we’re used to. It’s hard to think how this might fit into a normal Skrillex set. (TroyBoi could probably weave it in pretty seamlessly.)

While this might be one of Skrillex’s biggest collabs in terms of name power, it likely won’t go down as one of fans’ favorites. Check out “Malokera” below.


Photo by Brandon Artis Photography.