Above & Beyond are riding a chill wave right now — and they’re at their chillest with this new mix for BBC Radio 1.

This isn’t a full set of A&B music, but rather a combination of their own tracks and diverse selections from quite the range of artists, as Paavo takes the decks as well. Kendrick Lamar, The XX, Banks, and more are included in introductory segment. Then, it moves into Above & Beyond’s “Believer,” which signals their takeover. The mix continues on with Jon Hopkins, Thom Yorke and more, showcasing Above & Beyond’s chillest energy and current state of artistry.

Just recently, the iconic dance group unleashed their meditative album Flow State, which thrives in a space more suitable for practicing yoga than dancing in a club. It’s also extremely peaceful and nourishing — check it out here.

Listen to the chill mix via BBC Radio 1 HERE.


Photographer: Amelia Troubridge