Are you ready for some classic hardstyle? Headhunterz is back with a brand new single “Home” and it has all the hallmarks of an epic hardstyle banger; melodic synths, 150 BPM, festival ready vocals that call to arms. “Home” is Headhunterz at his absolute best.

The track opens up with the female topline humming the melody, followed by a quick buildup and a hardstyle bridge to establish the tone of the track; melody followed by unrelenting bass. The bassline fades out as some synths continue the melody. The humming topline comes back in before another full verse. The sense of urgency continues to build before we get to the part of the song that reminds one of a full on old school rave. That familiar British sounding narrartor voice comes in over some powerful synth chords. This becomes the drop with that pounding hardstyle 150. Again, this isn’t a new formula, but it’s Headhunterz at his absolute best. Here’s what Willem had to say about “Home.”

“Coming home is something so meaningful to me in many ways. Not only is it the best thing about travelling to me, but in a greater sense I have found a home in this music alongside many others. The home of hardstyle is not only a place in the world, it is also a place inside ourselves and it’s with us wherever we go.” – Headhunterz

Check out Headhunterz latest single “Home” out now on his Art of Creation label. You can also check out his set from Defqon.1, the world’s largest hardstyle fest, as well!