Velvo and Stoutty don’t hold back with their latest team effort, “War Dogs.”

Hard trap meets bounce with this new collaboration, which progressively piques interest through dark, eerie ambience, intimidating horns, and fierce, snapping snares. “War Dogs” really bares its teeth on the drops, however, with high, shrieking synths and rhythmic drums.

Though the title suggests Velvo and Stoutty are going to war, only the haters need to fear.

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Velvo and Stoutty have been sitting on this energetic collaboration for a while now and it was well worth the wait. Together, they make a certified banger that perfectly sums up a massive 2019 for both artists. We can anticipate plenty more in the works for 2020.

Listen to “War Dogs” below and link up with both artists!

Velvo & Stoutty – War Dogs

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