After the success of his first EP Substance, NYC-based hip hop artist Monclaire has recently released a trio of new singles over the past two months that continue to showcase his laid back, half-sung, half-rapped style. Influenced by artists who have similar flows like Post Malone and G-Eazy, Monclaire brings even more fun and New York club vibes with these new singles, “Bruce Wayne,” “Another One” and the most recent “Chosen”.

While tracks on Substance vacillated between party bangers and more contemplative tracks like “Waves,” these new tracks are meant to be pure banger and they certainly deliver. That said, with Monclaire’s lyrical style and the chill, harmonic production by Ryan Weezna, the songs also have that New York vibe that the hip hop world has rankly been missing for a while now.

“Bruce Wayne” is a good example of New York vibes, both musically and lyrically. Here Monclaire does less singing and more heavy, syncopated rapping and he does it well. These vocals might have some hearkening back to classic Nas or even Jay-Z. It’s that unmistakable timbre that only comes from NYC accents. Similarly, the production here is big, orchestral and funky while also being loose and chilled out. Listening to this track, one could almost expect Alicia Keys to suddenly start singing over the hook.

“Another One” sounds more modern and not quite so regional as “Bruce Wayne.” Its beat isn’t quite trap but it’s not specifically classic hip hop either. Monclaire’s flow is as unique as the beat over which is flows as it’s melodic but quite clearly rapped. The vocal manipulation is really interesting and complex while the hook is catchy and will work perfectly in clubs settings, which is clearly going to be fine with Monclaire as the track is about clubs.

“Chosen,” just released on New Year’s Day, features a simple, snare-heavy beat with a simple piano melody over it. It’s produced in this way because Monclaire has brought fellow flowers Play Nice and Keante Rodriguez to spit verses on the track. The three of them have very different styles, yet they all work together on the track, which centers around a sung hook.

With both his lyrical style and musicality, Monclaire’s new tracks focus on the diversity of his style but also on the fact that party bangers will always be in style. He’s comfortable with whatever producers throw at him and he seems to be here to mix it up with the one-note hip hop that’s been all too prevalent recently. As he says in his track, he was “Chosen” to do this.

“Bruce Wayne,” “Another One” and “Chosen” are out now and can be streamed along with Monclaire’s Substance EP on Spotify.