Australian producer Mild Minds has just released his latest single “Walls.” Fellow Australian Boats lends his vocals to the track and Mild Minds has dropped an instrumental version of the track as well. Combining elements of house, ambient, and electronica, if you’re a fan of Tycho, Bonobo, or Caribou, this is right in your wheelhouse. “Walls” combines melodic electronic instrumentation at its best with warm indie-leaning vocals. “Walls” will be part of Mild Minds’s upcoming album Mood, due out next month.

Mild Minds has been on a roll lately. Fresh off a Grammy nomination for Best Remix, the producer has been getting steady support from BBC Radio 1, Sirius XM, and Double J radio in his native Australia. Hopefully you were lucky enough to catch him on one of his recent tour dates supporting Tycho. If not though, it looks like there’s plenty of new music to come from Mild Minds. Here’s what he and Boats had to say about a surprisingly poignant song.

“The meaning behind ‘WALLS’ is somewhat dichotomous, we wanted the track to have a dual meaning depending on the listener. Boats wanted the message to be somewhat political, a nod to the issues happening at the American border, whilst I wanted to reference the more internal and interpersonal walls we build every day.” – Mild Minds

“Walls have been built and those same walls have been brought down. It’s important to remember that people’s desire will always win out over state or forced control – if there is a significant will. I think a lot of people forget or simply don’t respect the power of protest. Ben (Mild Minds)’s been a friend for a long time, I’ve always wanted to collaborate on something with him. Whilst our own music illuminates different lights it felt right to blend them on this one.” – Boats

Check out Mild Minds latest single “Walls” featuring Boats out now on Foreign Family Collective/Counter Records.