I was first sent Ekcle’s new song “Pearl Jigsaw” last week, and I’m kicking myself for not listening to it until today, because I would have had five more days of listening to this absolute masterpiece of a composition.

I’m hesitant to even call “Pearl Jigsaw” simply a “track” or a “song” or a “tune” because it’s so, so much more than that. Over the course of nearly 6 minutes, it spells out an open-end journey, one that is very much open to interpretation, that anyone can can close their eyes to and imagine an endless world of possibilities and paths strewn out before them.

“Pearl Jigsaw” includes elements of glitchy turntablism from the likes of C2C, whimsical instrumentation from the likes of Pogo or Jaron, sound design and arrangement á la KOAN Sound or Culprate, and the songwriting of Alon Mor. It’s all these things in one, and yet at the same time, wholly unique to Ekcle.

Over the course of many listens, each time I found myself thinking, “Holy shit, is this still the same song?” It goes through so many seamless evolutions within itself, never once letting anything feel out of place. That natural progression of the song is almost as impressive as each of the singular motifs within it.

Listen to more from Ekcle here and do yourself the gift of listening to “Pearl Jigsaw” below.