Out now is the new single “Iron Ox” from Emancipator, as well as the news of a new album, Mountain of Memory, out April 3 via Loci Records.

“Iron Ox” follows another single from the album earlier this year, “Labyrinth.” In true Emancipator fashion, it slowly builds layer by layer with more intricate soundscapes and lush melodies.

“The beat is strong and persevering as the layers build to an almost overwhelmingly saturated atmosphere. The title is a direct reference to a strong animal symbol but also a play on words – Iron Ox being short for iron oxide, or rust,” says Emancipator. “Rust is formed when metal mixes with water. The timbres in this song are metallic and fluid. The spirit of the song is maintaining a steady strength despite the constantly changing waters of our lives and the entropy of time.”

The album will have 13 tracks — you can listen to “Iron Ox” below now, and pre-save the album here.

Catch Emancipator Ensemble, Doug Appling (production/guitar) along with Ilya Goldberg (violin), Colby Buckler (drums), Mub Fractal (bass) and Asher Fulero (keys), on tour this spring to support Mountain of Memory.


Photo via Shutterfinger