Two dubstep stars in the making have just dropped a wild dubstep tune. SIPPY and Zia drop a new dubstep banger “Deviate” on Deadbeats Records. These two artists who are based on completely different sides of the world, join forces to flex female-fueled bass.

“Deviate” has all the elements of what makes a great dubstep tune. From a deceitful melody, malicious bass lines, and a sprinkle of automated monologue, SIPPY and Zia really raise their respective repertoires on this one. It’s like a four minute slice of dystopian nightmare-fuel that happens to slap.

SIPPY and Zia, who are from Australia and Philadelphia respectively, have grown into an inseparable duo. From touring together and playing back-to-back sets, it’s no wonder “Deviate” sounds so cohesive from burgeoning electronic music producers. Songs like this keep a bass music fan like myself eager to hear more from these two in the future.