Montell2099 joins the Sable Valley family with his fresh new FORCES EP.

Running five tracks deep, this electrifying trap release includes an intro and four full-length productions. Oh yeah, and one of them is a collaboration with the man — scratch that, the trap god himself — RL Grime.

“RUSYNTH” rings out like a true anthem, marking the first collab between Montell2099 and RL Grime and it’s a glorious one. The song is light and optimistic, and oh so repeatable. A track we can easily hear being played out during both of their sets.

“BURNA” exists in a much heavier realm, busting up the speakers with its low end before shifting gears yet again. “INSOMNIA” builds wonder and intensity, balancing a dreamlike state with a fierce, gritty lead. Finally, “STARS” ends it all on an uplifting note, completing the FORCES cycle.

Listen here and learn why Montell2099 is a force to be reckoned with!

Montell2099 – FORCES

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