Jay Hardway is back with his second release of 2020, “Rollercoaster.” This is a track that’s sure to delight the Dutch producer/DJ’s long time fans. “Rollercoaster” features a lot of Jay Hardway trademarks; big melodic synths, a dramatic buildup, pounding low-end on the drop. “Rollercoaster” is sure to get you jumping in your room.

Jay’s first single of the year, “Operation Unicorn,” was a raucous electro-house banger, “Rollercoaster” sees Jay steer back into more familiar territory. The opening synth riff forms the basis of the track and is catchy as hell. There’s a bunch of cool little vocal chops, they help drive the track before the euphoric drop. The same synth melody is the drop, just with lots more layers. Festival season may be postponed but “Rollercoaster” is a peak track for any DJs live stream set.

Listen to Jay Hardway’s latest single “Rollercoaster” out now on Musical Freedom.