It’s really not fair to call Ava Cherry a “new artist,” as she’s been active in the music industry for over 50 years. Best known for her Chicago disco and house roots, Cherry has worked with the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Luther Vandross and even David Bowie. Upon listening to her new single “Testify Love” and experience her silky, pitch-perfect voice, her credentials make perfect sense, so new or not this disco house progenitor definitely stands to be re-introduced to the EDM scene.

Wake Up! Music group and its label head Pepper Gomez have been working to re-inject some real Chicago disco house funk into an EDM scene that’s gone largely hardstyle and bass music and they’re finding there’s still a robust audience for the one of a kind gooves synonymous with this style. As a mainstay not only of disco and soul but of the music industry at large, Ava Cherry is a big get for the burgeoning label and their work together on “Testify Love” shows that it’s a fruitful match, as the track masterfully brings back the soul of disco house in a big way.

“Testify Love” is very vocal-forward as most disco house tracks are meant to be, and when you have a talent like Cherry of course that voice is going to be on display. Her voice belies her years in the business as it’s still just as smoky, deep and brilliant as its always been. She’s also stunning in the video with her glamorous style; no one could possibly believe she’s been alive 50 years, let alone in the music business.

The backing track for “Testify Love” pulls no punches, as it’s unapologetically disco house with a snappy beat, soulful bass and string accompaniment to support Cherry’s vocals. It’s uplifting both in the music and in Cherry’s lyrics, which herald love as the most important thing and call for everyone to follow their hearts, as it’s the only truth one should “testify” to.

Disco house’s comeback will get a big boost from Ava Cherry lending her immense talent to the scene once again. A staunch lover of her hometown of Chicago and obviously a shining beacon of all things soulful and heart-based, the positive energy behind Wake Up!, Ava Cherry and “Testify Love” can’t be denied.

“Testify Love” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and iTunes.