As he builds his discography, it seems Dutch producer ALSO enjoys bringing a bit of fun to his work, a’la Teddy Killerz or Mob Tactics. This translates to his collabs as well as all the elements of his releases. From hilarious tracks like “Booger Sugar” in the Ancient Radius project to album art to funny samples and excessive cowbell. The latter two elements are part of the new EP ALSO and High Maintenance are releasing this Friday on Korsakov Music. It’s not all fun and games, however, as Hypersonic still grinds and slaps with the best of them.

While ALSO is known for humor and deep bass, High Maintenance is increasingly gaining traction for both his mastery of synths, his clean, fast beats and near perfect snares. It’s thus pretty interesting to witness an EP collab like Hypersonic between the two producers as they appear to be on different sides of the spectrum. When done correctly, however, a collab like this can produce next-level results, which it’s definitely done here.

Hypersonic is a perfect melding of the two producers’ styles, with the heavy bass and neuro vibe coming largely from ALSO’s of the table and High Maintenance’s clean synths, cleaner beats and those beautiful snap snares pulling everything together. The title track adds ravey, cinematic melody to a heavy neuro register while the second track, “Party Every Day” lightens up the serious, Mizo-style neuro with a fun and silly vox sample that is the track’s namesake.

Finally there’s album closer and our Your EDM premiere for today,  “Here We Go Again.” This track might be the best example of an ALSO and High Mainenance collab should sound like: neuro-styled synths and starburst snares with fun vocal samples and so much cowbell you’d think Will Ferrell and Chrisopher Walken where in the studio with them. The result is a fun, funky dancefloor blazer of a track whose roots are in good composition and sound design.

“Here We Go Agan” and indeed all of the tracks on Hypersonic are more complex and well-styled than meets the ear. This means the EP will have universal dancefloor appeal as well as getting a technical nod from the head-nodders. While it’s uncertain how many festivals will be open for this EP to be played, it’ll more certainly hit more than a few livestreams so fans can continue to “party every day” at home.

Hypersonic drops on Korsakov Music this Friday, May 1. Click here to pre-order, streaming platforms to be posted shortly.