YØUNGBLØØD and BLOSSO‘s hard-hitting trap heater is next up!

“Throw It Down” wastes no time making its presence known. After a short intro the production rises and drops into its forceful metallic trap lead, which makes a good couple of runs — only to be rivaled by the track’s final and most impactful drop. Laced with hip-hop vocal chops from the classic “Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don, this collab delivers on nostalgia, too.

Alex Jongbloed, better known as YØUNGBLØØD, is a shining new talent in underground bass music. He consistently joins trap elements with unique sound design to forge his own path. His “designer bass” sound is at work here with BLOSSO in the mix.

This is loud, aggressive trap at its finest.

Listen here via Electric Hawk.


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