Not typically known for drum & bass (though it isn’t the first he’s dropped), Chris Lorenzo just dropped a surprise DnB track on the masses with UK-based MC Bru-C, “Introspective.”

The track is a smooth liquid banger with some poignant lyrics. It was actually written and produced well before lockdown, but the words ring truer now than ever before — “make some time for yourself.”

To help support potentially vulnerable people at this time of increased isolation, all proceeds from iTunes pre-sales have been donated to the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). CALM is leading a Movement Against Suicide — offering life saving services, provoking national conversation and bringing people together to empower everyone to reject living miserably and stand together against suicide.

“When I wrote the beat for Introspective it felt like an emotional record and needed a conscious lyric. Myself and Bru-C had been talking for a while about doing a record together so I sent him the beat. He literally sent me the track back within 24 hours and the concept he came with lyrically complemented the beat even better than I could have imagined.” – Chris Lorenzo

“The whole thing came to me while driving back from Wales listening to the beat in the car. The craziest thing about the concept of the tune is that it was written before all of this madness happened. I love to push wellness and make people feel good when listening to my music and I couldn’t have thought of a better time to release this song. It means a lot to me and I hope it resonates with the listeners.” – Bru-C

Listen to “Introspective” below.