Detroit may be known for techno, but the variety of rising talent in other genres coming out of the city’s remarkably diverse scene never ceases to amaze us. Case in point — Deucez, bitch.

The 25-year-old Motor City producer already has 12 years of production under his belt and began his musical journey to escape a rough childhood. With such persistence, it was only a matter of time before the EDM world picked up what he was throwing down. Although his experience spans nearly every genre of EDM, he’s found his stride with dubstep/riddim, on full display here with “Psycho.”

We’re by no means late to the party, as we’ve been playing this one out for almost a month now — but, it’s about time we gave this track the proper write up it deserves.

Check out “Psycho” right here via High Caliber Records and link up with Deucez below.

Deucez – Psycho

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