David Guetta was so impressed by the performance that Flosstradamus put on last week that he vowed to add a significant amount of hip hop to his set for Weekend 2. I’m not sure how much actual hip hop the Parisian producer had at his disposal, but it’s not an easy feat to completely switch up your set, probably one of the biggest sets of the year for some. In order to help out, Guetta enlisted the help of an artist who knows hip hop all too well.

Nicki Minaj.

After the lackluster guest appearance from the Black Eyed Peas last weekend, Nicki Minaj was yet again another disappointing performance. According to Yahoo News, the singer’s cameo wasn’t even genuine as she lip-synced her way through her collaboration with Guetta “Hey Mama.”

Thanks a million times to @nickiminaj for coming on stage when I played our new record hey mama @#Coachella



Image via Rachel Luna/Staff Photographer