If you stumbled upon this piece in a hazy daze from yesterday’s cannabis-fueled shenanigans, then you are very much in luck. Oakland, CA’s own Duffrey is here to keep you on the level with his latest endeavor into sonic brilliance.

His second official release, the Kiss Cupboard EP is a syrupy quartet of psychedelia. Duffrey gently and expertly guides you through an exploration of the deep and expansive,  sticking to the more mellow end of the spectrum. The sound design is rich and full, at times squishy and crunchy almost simultaneously. Laid-back, dub-style rhythms mesh with glitchy synth melodies and organic instrumentation as effortlessly as peanut butter with jelly. There’s an undeniable atmosphere within these tunes; you’ll feel the music engulf you within seconds. Given that, we’d say that the young beat-hustler’s goal of converting brain waves into vibrational energy is certainly being recognized.

Duffrey has released Kiss Cupboard with renowned Bay Area imprint, Street Ritual, and the full EP is available for purchase on Addictech. Give it a listen after the jump and be sure to purchase a copy if you’re feeling the vibes!


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