No one in musical history has made doom-and-gloom rock quite like The Cure. The holy trinity of goth rock albums–Pornography, Disintegration, and Bloodflowers–are all poignant expressions of the downtrodden depression of 1980s Britain. One of the key tracks from Disintegration is Pictures of You; placed up at the front of the album, Pictures of You is a captivating, beautiful exploration of long-form goth rock at its finest. Unhurriedly establishing melodies in the guitar and the bass, Robert Smith‘s shattering vocals don’t enter for almost two minutes, lamenting the loss of love, true to his unique form. With a stunning set of lyrics and a thick atmosphere of melancholy, Pictures of You is a blissful, yet deeply sad, highlight of Disintegration, perhaps the most highly lauded album of its kind, ever.

The Cure – Pictures Of You