For years, John Dahlback‘s tracks have been known for their intricate chord progressions and rhythmic structure. The Swedish producer is no stranger to emotion-filled melodies or funk-driven grooves, as his lengthy discography will attest. Lately, however, the veteran has been implementing more electro-influenced sounds in his works, giving them added energy and putting a new spin on the authentic Dahlback sound. 2012 releases like “Soldier” (Spinnin’ Records) and “Comet” (Joia Records) have given us snippets of this adaptation, but this new sound has reached a culmination in “Zeus,” John Dahlback’s newest release off of Doorn Records (an imprint of Spinnin’ Records). The main feel of the track is driven by a thunderous sawtooth bassline that rumbles the speakers, giving the song a furious punch. While the intro lays out a prelude to the frenzy, it’s after the first drop that the bass begins to shine through and its force is made apparent. The hard-edged bassline gives the arrangement a rising and energetic feel, with pitched-up leads added on to boost up the excitement. Intermittent vocal samples, reverbed snare hits, and high-end synths all serve to augment the track and balance the fury of the bass out with a rhythmic framework. The breakdown of the track is vintage Dahlback: an elaborate melodic arrangement that sounds straight out of a sci-fi film’s soundtrack. While starting off with a small lead, the breakdown gradually builds until Mr. Dahlback supplements it with additive synth work, and ultimately re-introduces the bassline leading up to the final drop. The entire track is an experience in energy, a peak-time banger designed to shake the listener to their core. With its fiery infectiousness, “Zeus” is sure to help stave off the coming chills of autumn. Grab your copy today.


John Dahlback – Zeus (Original Mix)


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