Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are one of the most prominent names in the current EDM scene. From headlining Tomorrowland, to destroying clubs around the world, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have proved they are a force to be reckoned with. Last Thursday I had the incredible opportunity to interview the EDM superstars. The club was already bumpin by the time they arrived and throughout the interview and you could hear the rumble of the dance floor above in anticipation for the electro/progressive house masters. After a drink or two I had the chance to talk to them about the past few months, as well as some of their plans for the future:


If you don’t have the time here are some of the questions pulled from the audio interview:

Q: What did you guys think of this years Tomorrowland in comparison to 2011?

A: Bigger, better, faster, stronger.

Q: How was working with Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas on Phat Brahms?

A: Great, Steve was a huge inspiration for us. Touring with him was a lot of fun and he’s a great guy to be around and a fantastic artist. Also, Angger is a beast in the studio.

Q: What is one of the craziest experiences you have had on tour?

A: Hmm what can we put on the record? Well something that happend recently is playing at a concert and someone says “Come play a show on menorca!” and we would take a private jet, and smoke cigarettes in the plane which is pretty crazy.

Q: Do you guys like playing in more of a club or festival setting?

A: Festival hands down. Although we have had great club nights, for us we need a stage. Being able to move around, interact with the crowd, and when your in the club you trapped by a box or something. Most of the time we find ourselves trying to reach out to interact with the crowd.

Q: So people want to know, do you use Logic, Ableton, or Reason?

A: Logic

Q: Why Logic?

A: Because it’s logic!

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