Creating an individual sound that works well is something a producer can spend a lifetime trying to accomplish. Doing that and continuing to develop and grow that sound while still keep true to what fans first fell in love with is damn near impossible. Yet somehow, Berlin based producer Boys Noize has able to do exactly that. His first album, Oi Oi Oi (2007), was extremely influential and helped define the electro genre. The 2009 followup, Power, was a venture more a more techno minded path and a testament to his talent as a producer. With a three year gap this time in between albums, the community waited eagerly to see what he would return with this time. What he came back with was, well, a little bit of everything. Out Of The Black is a departure from almost anything we’ve seen from him before, but at the same time contains many of the familiar elements that has gained him thousands of fans.

Probably the most talked about track on the album is the collaboration with Snoop Dogg titled Got It. Snoop delivers a classic verse over an electro meets hip hop instrumental and the result is as good as you would expect from two artists of this caliber. Although not necessarily ‘EDM,’ Boys Noize and Snoop hit the ball out of the park with this one.

Boys Noize ft Snoop Dogg – Got It:

Rocky 2 picks up where his Dog Blood collaboration with Skrillex left off. He slows the tempo down to 120 and drives the song with an insanely dark bassline accompanied by some bleeping synths and distorted vocal samples. Rocky 2 stands out as the heaviest track on the album, and is very different compared to anything from his previous full-length.

Boys Noize – Rocky 2:

Conchord, the collaboration with Siriusmo, is a venture back into the classic Boys Noize sound. The techno influenced Conchord is masterfully produced, and satisfies any doubts that he had abandoned his old sound. Both Boys Noize and Siriusmo shine here as it is the style both know best.

Boys Noize ft Siriusmo – Conchord:

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