Diamond Dealer is a South African DJ/producer, currently based in France.  This international musicmaker has had his tracks featured on labels like Defected Records and Raisani Records, and now is the label owner of Brilliant Cut Media.  Fresh off his label, Diamond Dealer has released a preview of his upcoming track “Under The Lights,” which features vocals from Sydney James Harcourt.  Already, Diamond Dealer’s production is getting noticed–this track was recently featured in DMC World Magazine’s “ADE Buzz Chart.”  The song itself has a very unique style, to say the least.  One can hear classic disco influences within the framework of the groove.  The majority of the feel, however, is supported by the passionate lyrics from Sydney James Harcourt.  The vocals contribute to the melody as backing synths and a bright lead create a warm soundscape, and an incredibly deep groove.


Under The Lights is most definitely an unconventional house track, yet it carries a great melodic weight, with impassioned vocals and harmonious synth work hitting the listener in tandem.  Look for Under The Lights to be released off of Brilliant Cut Media on October 31st.





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