Reminding us why we love last year’s album , Group Therapy, Above & Beyond has finally released the fantastic music video of Alchemy featuring the lovely vocals of Zoe Johnston. Beckoning the famous multicolored ribbon patterns, this single has made an impact in the trance world over the last year, supported by artists such as Markus Schultz and Ferry Corsten. The mellow synths are of a velvet-like quality as the vocals of Alchemy soar above into the souls of listeners relating to its somber message.
The film’s director, Jonas Mayaab, creates a stunning rendition of the emotional lyrics with creative and innovative cinematography. It deals with issues such as love, betrayal and perseverance with the main character finding out that her lover has been cheating on her. Mackenzie Firgens, who is the main character of the video, portrays these dark themes flawlessly, often eliciting fantastic scenes of sadness and despair, even submerging into water in one particular scene. The usage of settings and slower motion gives the textured atmosphere for the lyrics to really shine through. Another interesting thing to note is a fast passing billboard that shows Above & Beyond playing in Los Angeles on New Years Eve, which is pretty significant for trance fans in Southern California!

The Alchemy music video is now available on Beatport and the single is still made ready to purchase off their Group Therapy album. Check out the video and grab these releases today!