Here’s the newest podcast from the Swedish sensation we all know as Avicii. He brings a lot of new songs to the podcast and drops a track called I Could Be the One, which is the vocal version of his collaboration with Nicky Romero called Nicktim. Nicktim is already insanely popular in clubs and adding vocals, as we’ve learned with a lot of tracks, is only going to increase its airtime. It got a great response recently when he played it at the Sterosonic Music Festival in Australia in early December. He also stated he’s been doing a lot of work in the studio recently and finished about seven or eight new tracks. One of his new tracks with Joakim Berg has been popping up at recent shows, so we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for an official release on that one. A great song to look out for in this Le7els podcast is Miami 82 by Syn Cole. Syn Cole has a great remix of Silhouettes which has been a big festival hit towards the end of 2012. Avicii does a great wrap up with an electro banger from TV Noise called Kill the Radio for all you electro nuts out there. Great podcast as always and we can’t wait to here more studio releases in the near future.