Miles Dyson returns with an absolutely blistering track that’s sure to light many a dance floor on fire.  Already having a huge year, Miles Dyson brings his big-room electro style to the forefront with “Pulse,” a refreshing entry in the Plasmapool lineup, and one of Mr. Dyson’s most ambitious creations to date.  The track opens on a dramatic note with a suspense-building set of orchestral strings.  After the drop, Miles Dyson quickly switches it up with a massive bassline and some energetic leads.  The driving feel continues into the breakdown, a melodic pause in the action where the track’s progression builds to a climax–the bass and synths all work with one another to drive the energy up to a fever pitch, before one last drop takes us to the end.

Pulse is a high-powered track with incredible energy, and one of the highlights as 2012 comes to a close.  Pick up your copy today.


Miles Dyson – Pulse (Original Mix)





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