Joel Zimmerman has just released the newest iteration of his At Play series. At Play: Volume 4 is a ten track album that is DJ friendly for mixing. A lot of the tracks are some of his earlier, less known titles along with remixes and mash-ups. The vibe is incredibly chill for the most part but it still has the pop and flair that deadmau5 is known for.  I Like Your Music, Something Inside Me, Fustercluck,  as well as Sex, Lies, Audiotape stand out for me. Just give the whole album a listen and enjoy!

Tracklist includes:


1. Billy Newton-Davis Vs deadmau5 – I Like Your Music
2. deadmau5 – 1891
3. deadmau5 – GH
4. deadmau5 – Tau V1
5. deadmau5 – Point Vanishes
6. deadmau5 – Tepid
7. deadmau5 – Fustercluck
8. deadmau5 – Sex, Lies, Audiotape (Redux Mix)
9. deadmau5 – Subvert
10. Melleefresh Vs deadmau5 – Something Inside Me (Electro Mix)


Click here to download At Play: Volume 4