The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar is a non-repeating calendar that is believed to last or complete one cycle after 5125 years. The calendar operates and accounts for each date by counting the number of days that have passed since the supposed creation date. The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, most notably adopted and utilized by the Mayan civilization is known more commonly to date as the Mayan Calendar. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware that December 21st, 2012 marks the supposed end of the 5125 year cycle of the Long Count Calendar; hence the supposed end of the world. Thus, as we rapidly approach this potential apocalyptic date our friends over at Triad Dragons have released their latest gem titled Doomsday¬†which¬†serves to help calm the nerves associated with the world’s potential impending doom. Doomsday is an expertly constructed tune that slowly builds and breaks into a high-powered electro-house banger full of pulsating bass and an infectious melody. Best of all Triad Dragons gave this track out for free so I highly suggest clicking the download button because who knows you may only have three more days to listen to new music! Cheers.