EDX, the talented Swiss house producer has released his 2 Hearts 1 Mind EP. The EP features the club dub mix along with two remixes by Denzal Park and Inpetto. The club dub mix of the song is a trancy progressive house track. The track features melodic synths and a soft beat with simple yet effective drops. It is truly a well executed piece.

2 Hearts 1 Mind (Club Dub Mix)


The Denzal Park remix features a beautifully grungy bass line. Powerful lead synths give the track a big house feel and the vocals lead in to great drops.

2 Hearts 1 Mind (Denzal Park Remix)


Inpetto‘s take turns 2 Hearts 1 Mind in to a massive track. He really jacks up the intensity level of the song yet still manages to keep the soft melodies and vocals intact.

2 Hearts 1 Mind (Inpetto Remix)


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