While many people are still enjoying the holiday season, the people over at Indecent Noise‘s label, Mental Asylum Records have been working double overtime in order to bring you this mind-blowing and brutal Gobstopper EP to round out 2012. Featuring the absolute best in Tech Trance at the moment, these three renditions of this stunning tune showcases the keen aspect of quality, not quantity; handpicking their artists rather than slapping on a remix for the sake of having one. Which doesn’t mean to say that these pieces are not for the faint of heart. Known to release some seriously mental tunes, (no pun intended), these releases ventures towards that darker sides of trance; utilizing raw, almost beast-like synths and not skipping a chance to push the envelope on power and energy. Released yesterday, Jase Thirlwall‘s EP is one of the most exciting Trance releases of 2012 and should not be missed by anyone wanting to have their daily fill of bass, even if it a different flavor of speed than we are used to.


Jase Thirlwall- Gobstopper (Original Mix)

Ever since we at YourEDM first heard low quality versions of this tune all the way back in July (even unofficially by John O’Callaghan), we were anxious in order to get our hands on it. Jase Thirlwall is one of the most promising new wave of Tech Trance producers and he delivers an absolute barnstormer of a track. The Original features deep pulsing bass with a very serene and controlled flow of energy as he crafts into a slower section of peace and patience. He pulls off a very cool upbeat riff which is dark and dank, to which he drops it with a repeated upward synth, (with abandonment on traditional production methods), that is one of the most unique drops that we heard.



Jase Thirlwall- Gobstopper (Indecent Noise Remix) 

Label head Indecent Noise takes the Original and injects some angry, ferocious acid into the mix, as he reworks it into an energy explosion of a track. He also puts an interesting sound clip in the vocal break from the video game, Dead Space, which gives a chilling and darker point of view towards the listener. As the upbeat riff returns, he brings in some scary samples, such as actual screaming synths and Inception like bass pads as he explodes into an acid filled drop with some cool tech percussion, such as woodblock and low repeating blippy synths. A recent favorite of Indecent Noise‘s sets, it is a crazy tune that shouldn’t be missed.



Jase Thirlwall- Gobstopper (Jordan Suckley Remix)

Seriously blowing us away from his performance at Godskitchen’s Clash Of The Gods, Jordan Suckley presents his own unique brand of Tech Trance and creates a huge, banger of a track. This particular remix has been supported by artists such as Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry and Eddie Bitar and has been a favorite of Jordan Suckley‘s for some time now. Jordan takes Gobstopper and wrangles it into a unique Tech mix with heavy influences on Psy Trance, that balances perfectly against one another. Utilizing the phrase, “Open Your Mind“, Suckley takes the drop into a deep, Psy drop with that trademark Tech Trance energy, almost incorporating organizational methods of Complextro into his drop. He utilizes plenty of different samples and sounds and uses them to create a frantic, energy packed piece that is sure to destroy dance floors.