Named one of YourEDM‘s Top upcoming artists of 2013 only a week ago, Russia’s own Timur Shafiev is starting off the next year with a bang with the upcoming release of his immense Connecting Parts EP. We have already discussed why we love Timur so much in our Unsung Heroes article with his single, Can’t Stop (which can be accessed here: Utilizing his seldom used moniker, S00perstar and teaming up with the stunning male vocals of ANDRU, Shafiev has given us an outstanding, visceral journey in musical possibilities. Included in the EP is two magnificent remixes from international rising Trance star, Gal Abutbul and California’s own secret weapon, Emerge. Having already heard the single six months ago, we have had our eye on this release for some time and Connecting Parts will arguably be one of the Top Progressive Trance releases of early 2013.


Timur Shafiev pres. S00perstar ft. ANDRU- Connecting Parts (Original Mix)

First showcased as the closing track in the legendary duo’s Ost & Meyer‘s guest mix on Trance Around The World 431, it has been highly sought after by true Trance enthusiasts everywhere. We had already discussed how Timur‘s sound utilizes some of the most original and evocative creativity in the scene and how his sound is completely un-categorized by genre. The S00perstar name follows the same aspects as above, but has a completely different musical intent than his original name and completely envelps his disregard for musical and creative restraints. S00perstar takes risks, whether musical or timbrel, and demonstrates his unique style of music in a wildly divergent way that showcases music which speaks from the heart and soul. Utilizing fantastic techniques in the vocals of ANDRU, S00perstar pushes the drop into a genre bending musical message with incredibly complex voicings and wicked sound colors, with some superb percussion work thrown in the mix. The chord structure is amazingly different, as the upper voices mainly stay the same while the bass moves, creating rule breaking and barrier smashing music. Seriously one of Timur‘s best works to date.



Timur Shafiev pres. S00perstar ft. ANDRU- Connecting Parts (Emerge Remix)

From the waterworks comes relatively unknown Californian producer Emerge. Finishing off the year with some big Trance tunes including his ace single, Sila and his collaboration with producer, Austin Leeds on their track, End Of An Era, Emerge decided to take a wildly different direction in his sound that has capitalized on this intricately unique release. Opting to go towards the Uplifting path, Emerge strips away the electro influences of Shafiev‘s and instead softens the track to a more Progressive fare, with serine, rolling piano lines and filtered vocals. Using some cool drum percussion for the build up, he utilizes some serious upbeat complex chords that clashes perfectly with the kickdrum and creates an interesting dynamic of sound and differences in musical pressure. This cool, experimental sound, combined with the piano line from the breakdown, creates an Uplifting masterpiece with major influences in Trance 2.0 that is seriously not one to miss.



Timur Shafiev pres. S00perstar ft. ANDRU- Connecting Parts (Gal Abutbul Remix)

After releasing his huge Reborn/Activate EP on Soundpiercing and a slew of noteworthy remixes in 2012, Gal Abutbul has decided to tackle this remix to showcase just what Israel has to offer in the world of Trance. Ditching both the Trance 2.0 and Uplifting possibilites, Gal slows Connecting Parts and completely reworks it into a massive Big Room track that is perfect for huge arenas around the world. Focusing on the fantastically choreographed vocals, (while keeping the accompaniment at a minimum), he utilizes a cool effect where he takes the phrase, “It’s Time” into a much higher register in the clouds as he presents his own, original musical message with huge, overlayering synth pads and clockwork percussion, all while being cascaded by a waterfall of white noise and energy. This remix has Anthem Status written all over it and has already been played by Mike Shiver on his 299th episode of Captured Radio. We wouldn’t be surprised if this found its way into the ASOT and Coldharbour camps in the distant future (or even some Progressive House producers on the flip side of the coin).



The entire Connecting Parts EP package has something for everyone and each rendition is wildly different from one another (Trance, 2.0, Uplifting and Big Room). This facet of variety and craftsmanship really showcases the quality that each artist stunningly produced and quality is a huge aspect to us at YourEDM. This is an absolute must have for Trance fans wanting something different and created out of love and care for the music (while equally as deadly for aspiring DJ’s). This is a must have release of 2013, so mark this EP in your calenders, Trance fans! Catch the release now on Beatport!