Pulling off this wonderful Christmas morning with a real quick post; Bryan Kearney has graciously (and finally) released his Luminosity Edit of Tiesto‘s smash hit of 2011, Maximal Crazy. People who complained that Tiesto went full Electro on this tune, don’t fret! This offers up a true trance representation of the track and will please all true Trance fans who are hungry for some pounding 140BPM Trance. This edit has been massively supported by many high end artists, such as Sean Tyas, Indecent Noise and Mark Sherry and has been an absolute bomb whenever dropped, (I myself experienced this live and the entire place exploded). It was even featured in Kearney‘s set in Godskitchen’s Clash Of The Gods event.

Kearney takes the original and completely twists it around, taking the middle anthematic section and injecting some hard hitting bass that slaps you in the face. Bringing it up to 140, and utilizing some cool phaser techniques and string harmonies, He jacks up the energy to a breaking point and completely brings down the house in true Tech Trance form. We don’t know how long the download link will be available, as it is a very sought after piece, so push aside that wrapping paper and go grab this last present. Happy Holidays! (Download link below, folks).