Recently, YourEDM had the opportunity to sit down with one of the hottest Dutch duo’s in dance music known as Bassjackers. Their signature high energy electro and Dutch house tracks have gained them the attention of thousands, and in addition to touring globally they continue to put out quality release after release. On December 30th, their much anticipated collaboration with Showtek, Hey!, will be released on Spinnin’ Records. Preview the massive track with the official video, and see what they had to say below:

Derek Dellovo: How did you decide on the name Bassjackers?

Bassjackers: When we started the ‘jackin’ sound was really hot. We also produced it back in those days and we used looooooooads of bass. We were jackin da bass, hence we became Bassjackers.


DD: Mush, Mush was one of the hottest songs of 2011, how did you end up working with Tiesto’s label?

B: We got in contact with Tiesto because he was already playing out a lot of our music and we had just finished a track, which became ‘Mush, Mush’. He played it out on his radio show for a few weeks and then we boldly asked him if he thought it would work for his newly found label ‘Musical Freedom’. He said ‘yes, amazing!’


DD: Brougham, your collaboration with Apster, is one of my all time favorite records. How did you come up with the idea for that song and what was working with Apster like?

B: Apster is a really good friend of ours and we share a building where both of our studios are. Working with him is always very cool, since we’re such good friends in the first place and on top of that he is very talented! We were both playing with dubstep sounds at the time and decided to work on a track together with those new sounds. We still play it out in our sets, and it’s still one of our own favorites as well 🙂

DD: For our readers who may not be familiar, how would you describe the dance music scene in The Netherlands?

B: Compared to other parts of the world, the dance scene in Holland has been big for quite a while now; for years clubs and festivals have been programming dance music. Also because we are such a small country with lots of clubs within a small range, DJs can do up to 4/5 gigs in one night. You could see all your favourite headlining DJs in one night, almost every week. This has maybe resulted in people here getting more and more “spoiled” over the years and DJs always have to step their game up to please the crowd. So it is that DJs/Producers schooled in holland are often much more experienced and the Dutch dance scene is already very much evolved.


DD: Did you find it was difficult to adjust when you played your first few gigs in the US?

B: Not really actually. We’d already defined the Bassjackers sound and it really works well in the US! The people are so energetic, which is exactly what we’re looking for as well. You could say that we’re a perfect fit 😉


What has been the most difficult track for you to produce so far?

B: That would be the remix we did for Rihanna: ‘California King Bed’. The original was a ballad!!! It had us scratching our heads for a while because we of course had to make it into a club track and weren’t planning on compromising the energetic Bassjackers sound either! In the end we think we did a good job; we love playing it out!


DD: What does your studio setup consist of?

B: It’s pretty basic really – just a laptop, Dynaudio monitor speakers and a little midi-keyboard.


DD: If you were describing Bassjackers’ music to someone who had never heard it, how would you describe it?

B: Filthy, high energy, bass heavy, electro house that’s made in Holland 😉


What is something you would like to have accomplished by the end of 2013?

B: More music, more partying, more fun, more jackin da bass… and world domination of course 🙂