Time to “change the pitch up” for this week’s Flashback Friday. Coming in at number 3 on Mixmag‘s greatest dance tracks of all time list, is the controversial classic song Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy. Boy did they catch some heat for this one. A lot of people aren’t even aware that the lryics aren’t original, but were sampled from a Kool Keith song. Despite sampling, the song was successful so The Prodigy were in the public eye, and the target of a lot of feminist groups. Most music lovers can agree that this has a great feel to it, and was a huge song in the eyes of EDM fans (and yes, I’m aware the term was not coined for over another decade). I liked a few tracks from them even before I was into “the scene.” They had a very original style and something about them just makes you want to rebel. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!