If there was one label known for carrying an innovative attitude, always producing a powerful and distinct sound, it would be Toolroom Records. On Wednesday, they released their third installment of Rhythm Distrikt, a series that displays the best underground sounds in techno, music that will take you for a ride. It’s dark, eerie, and a little abstract, but production work is stellar and will leave you hungry for more.

It features twenty exclusive tracks from twenty different artists, something you won’t find unless it’s Toolroom release. Gems from the talented Dataworx, Spartaque, and Juan Sanchez like “Rock Your Body“, “No Way Back“, and “So You Think You Like Trance” are just a few examples of the wealth of talent encapsulated on the album. Each track showcases a different style of dance music with fresh beats and invigorating rhythms that making this latest edition of Rhythm Distrikt the best. Be sure to head over to Beatport to give the album a listen and grab yourself a copy! As always, we love to hear your opinion, so let us know what you think in the comment section!