In a recent interview with Mixmag, producer extraordinaire Porter Robinson discussed, among other things, his reasoning behind refusing to work with Katy Perry:

“I turned down doing a remix for Katy Perry and all the headlines read, ‘Porter sticks to his dance roots’ – but I’m not sure I have dance roots. The track just didn’t inspire me”.

Porter Robinson goes on to describe the types of tracks he finds uninspiring and why he might not consider having dance roots.

“Those kind of functional, club-focused EDM tracks that are created to make people jump in stadiums are as uninspiring to me as bad pop music.”

The 20 year old artist has been slowly unveiling more information about his upcoming debut album. Mainly focusing on the fact that he wants to “make something fresh and unique”, thus desiring to stray for his past releases and their associated sound. Throughout the interview Porter reinforces this image, that ultimately he does not originate from a singular root. He doesn’t come from dance, nor from any other genre. This rising star is attempting to forge his own unique sound and it is for that reason that he refused to work with Katy Perry. Not because he’s sticking to some fabricated dance roots but rather that he simply wants to develop and foster his own identity through his music and upcoming tour.

Read the full interview here: Mixmag Q&A – Porter Robinson

Also watch MTV’s interview with Porter where the producer opens up about Language, his new tour and debut album.

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