Since his decision from a part time producer to pulling his entire creative energies into full time, it seems that Jamie Walker has already pulled off his musical journey to a great start. This isn’t to say that Jamie isn’t talented, as he has had a number of releases that have already turned heads, including his massive collaboration with Bryan Kearney on their track, Nataraja (our article covers this track more in detail: ). But now, he has shown us a little teaser of what is to come from the aspiring producer. Already working on another collaboration with Bryan Kearney, he had enough time to remix this release from resident Tech Trance guru, Mark Sherry. The result is a brilliant Uplifting tune, one in which Jamie unusually keeps the stunning male vocals in tact to create a cool mash of lovely instruments ranging from synths to vocals.

The start of My Love is in typical Uplifting fashion, with voluminous bass kicks and rough basslines clashing against light, ostanato plucks. However, Jamie beefs up the body of the sound with some sweeping pads and essential synths (with chord changes to die for). The breakdown is in unusual fashion, as it features a lush string section, a beautiful Balearic guitar melody and flitting acidic lines. Then the vocals come in, and the sheer clarity and talent in the vocals almost sounds like a poet singing a sonnet rather than a Trance track (and trust us, this is definitely a good thing). As the vocals drop out, the main melody creeps in as the energy starts up its rollarcoaster decent. The melody is colossal and provides enough space and contrast in order to give maximum emotional impact towards the listener. As the drop of My Love occurs, power and energy envelop the soundscape as static melodies allows the other instruments to shine through, having each piece work like a giant, intricate puzzle that causes the listener to soar above the clouds into destinations unknown.



Jamie Walker here does a fantastic job of grabbing an existing piece of music and completely flipping the genre of that piece on its head. While the Original consists of blistering Tech Trance from Mark Sherry, Jamie instead reworks it into a beautiful melody that focuses on certain aspects of the Original to create something fresh and new. In a scene that is becoming increasingly stagnant, innovation is becoming scarce and it is good to know that people such as Walker are still trying to explore new musical possibilities and trying to advance the entire musical scene as a whole. We here at Your EDM can already tell that big things await him and that if he stays on the currant track that he has beset upon himself, there is no destination that he cannot reach. Jamie Walker‘s remix of Mark Sherry‘s My Love will be released on April 8th on Liquid Recordings. So remember to keep it locked to Your EDM for any future news concerning this release.

Keep the music alive. -Q