Alex Mind, Ryan Enzed, and Sue Cho bring their skills together for the massive electro anthem, “Let It Go.”  This is a brand-new collaboration, off of legendary electro label Big Fish Recordings.  Alex Mind, the Brazilian electro house mastermind, joins forces with Ryan Enzed, the rising star from New Zealand.  Noted EDM vocalist Sue Cho, who has become the “it girl” for peak-time electro vocals, lends her lyrical talents to the production.  Let It Go is a full-on powerhouse.  A simple opening with warm synth chords and a high-end lead heads perfectly into the breakdown, where Sue Cho’s vocal mastery is on full display.  A prodigious drop leads into an absolutely massive groove, where Alex Mind and Ryan Enzed use multiple bass patches, thick claps, and glitchy leads to create a gargantuan soundscape.  All in all, this track blends melodic vocal work with a peak-time electro groove–a solid combination.

Let It Go (Original Mix) is a track that seems destined to top the electro house charts these next few weeks.  With two highly talented producers at the helm, along with some divine vocal work, this is one collab that’s going to get people filling the floor.  Pick up your copy today.


Alex Mind, Ryan Enzed & Sue Cho – Let It Go (Original Mix)





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