Returning from the depths of his home studio, Electric Joy Ride has unleashed his colorful world to wash away your daily muck.  His newest track, titled 365, was made to commemorate his full year of releasing material. The layering of his synths meshes together perfectly, making this arcade inspired song a must for any music fan. Much like his previous releases, this track is once again available for a free download on his Soundcloud account!

From the first moment I heard his joyous track The Journey, to his chance meeting with the vocalist Brenton Mattheus, deep down I knew this guy was going places. The attention to detail and his many flourishes in his music is simply jawastounding. After contemplating for a minute or so, I can only think of a handful of artists in the EDM scene that places this much care into their craft. Fortunately for Electric Joy Ride, he is on that list.


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