For many, Insomniac’s announcement of EDC London came as quite a surprise. Why would Insomniac rush an announcement like that? The answer is as simple as the EDM arms race. It is no coincidence that EDC London is slated to take place a mere 6 days before Tomorrowland. Insomniac seemed to rush the EDC London announcement with tickets going on sale just 2 days after the trailer. It gave nearly no time for word of mouth to spread the news and make the EDC London ticket sale a big event as it has been with others.

This is clearly a way to market the EDC and Insomniac names after the Tomorrowland expansion. With Tomorrowland taking on EDC’s home turf in the USA EDC in turn turned to Tomorrowland’s European home to host its newest stop. In the long run I believe that Tommorrowland’s Tomorrowworld will see more success as the US market is ripe for new electronic events. While the US market is easily built upon with the growing numbers of electronic music fans, the European market is a much more seasoned one and is not necessarily fertile ground for a new event.

Also it should be duly noted that Cream Holdings is helping to put on EDC London. Cream Holdings is owned by Live Nation which has also made many other acquisitions in electronic music along with bidding on Insomniac. SFX recently bought 75% of ID&T, the company that puts on Tomorrowland along with many other major electronic events. The entire electronic music world is more or less owned by one of these two companies. With the arms race heating up expect to see more announcements like this especially SFX and Live Nation butting heads, as with this case.