In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, EDM’s most electrifying DJ, Bassnectar, opened up about the new direction of his music. Not only will he be putting out his signature bass booming originals, but also exclusive remixes, featuring the works of Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and yes, even Black Sabbath. He says, “I’ve got a whole folder called ‘Reinforce’ right now and it’s hundreds of projects. [I’m] writing new parts to it and having this killer exclusive remix that I’m just gonna play at my show. It’s not official; I’m not trying to release it. I’ve got this magic spell for the show.”

No one quite brings the amount of dynamism and excitement to shows such as Bassnectar. Its no question he considers himself a live musician above anything else, claiming, “Everything that I’m writing is end-goal for my live shows”. If you’ve ever seen him, you wouldn’t disagree. His concerts offer an true experience, giving the audience a plethora of tracks either completely new to them or something they will only hear at his show.

Amidst all of the producing and touring, Bassnectar’s ability to adapt himself with the ever-changing scene of EDM has molded him into one of the strongest acts around. Evidently, it is his vision for the genre that has been a catalyst to his success: “I think electronic music is just existing in every genre; every genre is produced electronically. I think the human need for there to retain some sort of relatable organic-ness to their music is why the live shows happen in such force, why every festival is sold out.” Fan or not, I think any supporter of the genre can attest to this, making it a considerable reason as to why artists like Bassnectar are continuing to dominate the world of Electronic Dance Music.