Pasquale Rotella, owner of Insomniac Events had some choice words to say regarding his past lawsuit surrounding possible bribery, his views on previous EDC’s and how he is working harder on the issue.

Niel Ackland, inthemix founder had this to say of Rotella,

“Pasquale is seen as a bit of a pin-up boy for EDM, the good and the bad…” “I don’t remember any one person being the focus of the media attention in the U.K. It was so different when they were doing illegal raves in huge fields. This is a legitimate business model, with huge investment put into safety and security. It’s more than decades ahead – it’s a totally different paradigm.”

Despite taking the form of a great compliment it does offer some food for thought. Perhaps Ackland is correct in his statement that Rotella’s business model is “…Decades ahead…” but how will the rest of the EDM industry or business industry respond? Treading new waters will always yield the occasional shark or two.  Of course, there is something to be said of fruitful competition through capitalism but perhaps this isn’t what the “EDM scene” needs to have/witness at this moment. We have enough issues with mainstream artists blatantly stealing songs. 

To end on a good note, watch the video below on how Pasquale Rotella really hits the nail on the head.



Source: inthemix, Redbulletin