When I say Above & Beyond, what comes to mind? Euphoria, love, community, spirituality…

When I say Walter White, what comes to mind? Reckless, relentless, perhaps even evil…

So what happens when these two contrasting forces come together? A lot of smiling fans. “Walter White,” the latest track from the godfathers of trance has turned a lot of heads in the EDM community since its November 2012 premiere during Group Therapy #001 in Bangalore. For those of you who consider the hours of 2-4pm ET on Friday afternoons the equivalent of Sunday morning mass, this track probably already holds a special place in your heart. It’s a truly mesmerizing track and is appropriate for any listening occasion whether it be a pump-up track for your weekend pregame or a bedtime lullaby for any day that ends in “y”.

Since its premiere, “Walter White” has joined the ranks of 29 other trance beauties on Anjunabeats Volume 10. Today marks the track’s official release. Always finding new ways to surprise and delight their fans, “Walter White” pays tribute to one of the most infamous and well-known characters on television today. On ABGT #021, they describe the progression of the track as it relates to the development of Walter White’s character on the show:

“This week’s Record of the Week is a tune inspired by the lead TV series Breaking Bad. He starts out nice, has a revelation and then breaks bad. Just like the tune. ”

The 5:33 song takes you through that transformation, drawing you in with a steady, mechanical beat then transforming into an introspective all-enveloping melody until 2:50 when the anthemic chords start up and all hell breaks loose.

Enough talking. Turn off the lights, close your eyes and press play.