With Swedish House Mafia dispersed, Steve Angello is looking to once again kickstart his solo career. His anticipated album, Wild Youth, will be his first solo album since the SHM breakup. Apparently we should be expecting something from Angello as he said the following in an interview with MTV News:

I think it’s really important for dance music today to become creative again, rethink and not just repeat yourself over and over again, like a lot of producers do.

Could this really be? It seems the king of repetitive commercial house wants today’s dance music to become creative. There is a hilarious amount of irony in this statement. It has been some time now since Angello has released a track that was not a mediocre, repetitive, commercial house moneymaker.

There is no doubt that Angello’s former trio, Swedish House Mafia, thrived off of the exact music type he is now encouraging producers to stray away from. That being said, it is unfair for me to assume that Angello is not capable of making new, creative music. The launch of his new label, X, showed the finest in underground with Trent Cantrelle’s EP. It is possible that Angello could actually start being creative and begin to push the boundaries of popular electronic music. In fact, I encourage him to do exactly that.