Fast Company, a prestigious business magazine, has released their annual list of the 100 Most Creative People In Business 2013. EDM’s creative brainchild, Diplo, landed the #28th spot on the impressive list which further solidified Diplo’s creative influence on the EDM industry.

In the article, Fast Company was quick to point out Diplo’s success in rescuing his drowning record label, Mad Decent, with the way he managed the viral hit, Harlem Shake.  When asked what was his secret, Diplo stated:

We sold nearly 1 million copies, but spent under $5,000 on marketing. How? We gave the song away to begin; we didn’t fight pirating; and when a spark happened, we just added fuel to the fire. So many labels are going out of business. We bring it back to where it counts: releasing exciting music.

And right he is. In a world where pirated music is dramatically hurting music sales, it is important that industry leaders adapt to the changing market and come up with innovative new ways to keep music sales afloat. Tip of the hat to Mr. Diplo and congratulations! Read the full article below:


Fast Company: 



-Nick Ward @NickWard20